RMC Refresh - User Walkthrough

Jim Greaves
3 months agoNovember 30, 2020
When will we receive an updated Demo Video on the new risk management website.
Franklin Chrisco
3 months agoDecember 3, 2020
Thanks for the video. Clear.
Chris Gagnon
3 months agoDecember 3, 2020
Are there any future thoughts to add in notifications and alerts a section for "# of training courses in progress"?  This is probably the most common question I get from managers, as to why the continue to get alerts for thier employees who have not taken the training.  In many cases the employee has not finished the course, or not completed it all the way to the end to close out the training.
Steve Johnson - Thompson Hardwoods, Inc.
3 months agoDecember 3, 2020
Good.  We use the Safety Topics that are provided weekly.  Hope we will still have access to such.
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